Photos From My Bathroom

Memories and Patriotism in an Unusual Place

I have photographs on my bathroom walls, which are unlike those that many people display.

My parents have pictures of birds in theirs, while my brother has some of Buddha. My sister simply has dark green paint on hers, with white crown molding.

And until the summer of 2011, my bathroom’s wallpaper was an ugly, faded flower pattern that had seen much better days.

Today, I have a new-and-improved bathroom, with photos on the walls. They are not run-of-the-mill photos that can be purchased in a department store. Instead, they have a special meaning, that warms my heart whenever I see them.

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Changing of the Walls … and the Floor and the Ceiling….

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAWhen my husband passed away in June 2010, I couldn’t bring myself to make any changes to the house. It seemed sacrilegious in some way. As if by changing the house, the reality that he was gone would set in.

But when the sink rusted through in early May of 2011, I knew it was time to make some changes. Before I replaced the sink, I really wanted to install a new vanity. But before installing a new vanity, the walls really needed to be stripped and painted. And what about that horrible vinyl flooring? It soon became a major remodeling event, all because of the faulty sink.


The Bathroom Renovation

I began by stripping out the vinyl, and painting the concrete floor with wide white and blue stripes. From there, I painted the cabinets white, stripped off the wall paper, and painted the walls the same blue as the floor. The ceiling is also blue and white to match the rest of the room.

After all of the painting, the room took on an entirely new look and feel. It was no longer a run-down bathroom in a 1960s era farm house. It seemed much more modern and new. But it needed a much more personal touch, and that is where the photos come in.


Avenue of the Flags – DFW National Cemetery

The first photo I hung was on the wall beside the vanity. It is from the Avenue of the Flags at Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery. This is where my husband was buried on June 18, 2010. I get chills every time I visit this cemetery on a holiday, and see all the flags. It brings out my patriotism, and makes me proud to be an American.

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Releasing the Balloons

The second photo I hung was on the wall across from the vanity. It was taken the day of my husband’s memorial service, and the setting is the parking lot of a small, country church down the road from my house. After the service, we released red, white and blue balloons into the sky. What an awesome sight to see all of those people who cared about him, sending their love to him in the heavens!


The Patriot Guard Riders

Honoring the Fallen

The third photo is beside the second, and it is a photo of me talking with the Captain of the Patriot Guard Riders. They are a non-profit motorcycle group who pays tribute to the fallen service men and women by attending their funeral and memorial services. I was so honored and touched that they came to my husband’s service. They set up US flags outside the church, paying respect to my husband and honoring his military service.

These photographs in my bathroom might seem strange to some. I find them uplifting, and a tribute to my husband’s life. He was a true patriot that gave his life for his country, and the photos are a reminder of how great the United States of America really is!


Your Thoughts:

I still have not replaced the vanity or the sink in my bathroom! That is a project for another day, and perhaps I’ll write another page about the process when I do. Until then, I’d like to hear what types of pictures you have in your bathroom, or what you think of mine.

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